Better Health Tips

Your health should be of utmost importance to you. While you do not have control of life, you do have a lot of control in your quality of life!. Health includes your physical being, emotional being, mental and spiritual being. It is absolutely essential to get in tune with your body in order to make well-informed decisions about how to help your body function more efficiently. 

1. Move more

Even small movements can make tremendous amounts of difference. Instead of using the remote, get up and change the channel. Simple, small things make long lasting change.

2. Cut fat

Start by buying lower fat milk or trimmer. meats.Those are two easy ways to start cutting back on fat, and you will never know the difference.

3. Quit smoking.

Smoking has proven to take 10 years off of your life span.By quitting smoking you will feel better, have more energy, and loss that smokers cough as well.

4. Reduce stress.

This is a tough one and a big one for most people. Reducing your stress means either cutting stressful situations out of your life or dealing with stress differently. Incidentally, exercise can do both.

5. Protect yourself from pollution.

If you work in a toxic environment, where proper ventilation gear. If you live in an area with lots of ozone warnings, stay out of the sun during the afternoon. An ounce of prevention as the say.

6. Wear your seat belt.

Sounds simple, right? But a simple act of buckling a seat belt can not only save your life, but it sends a message that you care about yourself.

7. Floss your teeth.

All dentist say it, and few American do it.Flossing can really affect not only your quality of life, but also your life span.

8. Avoid excessive drinking.

A wine a day can keep the doctor away, but a keg will move you next door to the undertaker. Binge drinking is a killer on your liver, and on your life.

9. Stay positive.

A positive outlook on life is one of the major characteristics of healthy people. Focus on the good in life, what is going right, and let the negative thoughts pass you by.

10. Wear sunscreen.

 Skin cancer can easily be avoided with just a few ounces of sunscreen (prevention). Save yourself some heart, and skin, ache.

11. Baby step changes.

Make small changes that you can and will do. Healthy lifestyle changes are about what you will and won’t do, not about what you can and cannot do.

12. Buy whole foods.

Whole foods contain all the nutrients and vitamins that are often lost during processing. They also often contain much more fiber, which is key to weight loss.

13. Start each meal with a mixed green salad.

This will not only help you get your vegetable serving, but it will also cut you appetite and you will eat less of the main (often calorie laden) course.

14. Avoid corn syrup.

 It’s the plague. Corn syrup has been linked to heart disease and cancer. It is also a super sugar that ups your chances of becoming diabetic.

15. Buy a new pillow

 Many people do not realize that their lack of sleep can often be correct by a $20 pillow. If you have to fold your pillow to keep your head up at night, toss it.

16. Take time to stretch.

Stretching not only increase blood flow throughout the body which gives you energy, it also keeps you limber and aids in the release of serotonin (the feelgood neurotransmitter).

17. Eat more fiber.

Fiber makes you fill fuller as well as aids in digestion. Slowly increase your fiber intake, do not do it all at once, of you will be sorry.

18. Get plenty of sleep.

Sleep is the big difference maker in life. A good nights rest helps you to feel better the next day and when you feel better and have less stress, you eat better as well.

19. Laugh.

People who laugh for approximately 15 minutes a day tend to live longer, healthier, and happy lives. It can also help you loose up to 4 pounds a year, isn’t’ that a laugh?

20. Hug.

Corona virus has made this simple act impossible but the concept of the power of touch has been around for centuries. The act of hugging provides a sense of connect and closeness that all humans need. It is also a great stress reliever.

21. Eat a least three balanced meals a day.

Studies show that eating at least three balanced meals a day can curb that afternoon hunger and keep you metabolism high.

22. Ease up on the caffeine

Too much caffeine will run your nerves raw. It also has adverse long-term effects on your brain. Moderation is the key. If you have to have two pots of coffee a day, make sure the second one is decaf.

23. Enjoy a glass of wine.

Red wine has been proven to lower risk of heart attack and coronary disease. Studies found this to be true with a glass of wine, not a bottle. Once again, moderation.

24. Let it all out.

Have an emotional vomit session with someone. Keeping emotions in leads to emotional eating, which leads to depressed mood, which leads to more emotional eating…get the picture?

25. Focus on measurements, not weight.

Actual weight varies from hour to hour and day to day. What is important is one’s waist size. For example, it is more important for a guy to have a waist size of 34 than to weight less than 200 pounds.

26. Get at least 30 minutes of activity a day.

 This can be walking, riding a bike, running, playing tennis or any other number of things. Get creative, you are probably already doing something active that you could increase the time on (and yes, house cleaning does count).

27. Think heart rate, not sweat.

The myth goes that if you break a sweat then you are burning fat. That is not necessarily true. The true guide is your heart rate, get it up and get it up for several minutes in a row. Now that’s a workout.

28. Find a friend to work out with.

 But not a best friend. Working out with a best friend usually ends up in more talking and less working out. Take a walk. Getting out at least once a day to stretch your legs is great for the cardiovascular system. It is also a great mid-day stress reliever.

29. Enjoy the sun.

The sun has many benefits, one of which is that it increases our mood and helps to fight depression.

30. Drink plenty of H2O.

At least eight, eight ounces glasses a day should do it. This is not only for overall health, but it also aids in digestion and will often cure that pesky afternoon stress headache as well. Replace one soda with a glass of water each day, or for every soda you drink, drink a glass of water as well

31. Join a group, online or in vivo.

Having someone or some people to share your journey with will encourage you to stay at it even when the going gets tough.

32. Take care of stress.

Know your limits and listen to your mind and body. It will tell you when you’ve had enough. Rest, relax and take care of yourself. You are the only you that you have.

33. Get a checkup


See the doctor at least once a year for a good ole checkup. Especially as you age this becoming increasingly important.

34. The more colorful the better.

This is a great rule of them whether you are eating out or at home. The more colorful a food is, the healthier it is for you. It’s a treat for your eyes and stomach!

35. Take time for yourself.

If you meditate, do yoga, journal or pray. Spend time each day in one of these activities. They have been proven to lower stress and center your body and mind.

36. Exercise your brain.

Read, do crosswords, or work riddles. Keeping your brain active is one of the best things you can do to ward of Alzheimer’s.

37. Green tea is good.

Green tea is the wonder drink. As little as four servings a day can increase your metabolism and lower your stress.

38. Have a close friend to talk to.

 Everyone needs someone to be close to. Find that special someone to share your life with.

39. Park farther away.

The few extra steps each trip can quickly add up to miles, which add up to pounds. A simple way to get more exercise every day.

40. Take the stairs.

If you work in a building with an elevator but only a few floors, take the stairs instead.

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